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NOW OPEN - downtown Fernandina Beach - 4 North 2nd St (across from the Palace) - a new office for booking tours and an expanded selection of 'green' earth friendly gifts. We are constantly searching for unique, Fair Trade, earth friendly products. Basically things that are good for you AND good for Mother Earth!


Our gift shop at the kayak rental office in Talbot Island State Park carries many Earth friendly gifts you can take home to remember your visit.

Earth Creations video of how Joy & Martin started making clay dyed clothing



beewax luminaries

Honey Pot Luminaries

10 Flowers can yield one drop of nectar.
1 Bee can carry one drop of nectar per trip!
There are thousands of drops of beeswax in every honey pot candle - meaning millions of flowers and bees participated!

Each hand-signed Honeypot candle is individually handcrafted from unstrained, raw beeswax. No two candles are exactly alike. Each burns differently. They also release a gentle aroma of fresh honey as they warm up! Made with the help of local bees in Georgia.

bone necklace

Wanderer Bone Necklaces

The Hei Matau has its origins in Maori Legend and represents strength, prosperity, fertility and a great respect for the sea. Wanderer Imports work with a group of independent artisans in Bali, who manufacture these necklaces. They are crafted from cow bone and Bali is know for its highly skilled bone carvers. They are handcrafted (using a dremel for carving) individually and then polished. When bone is worn on the skin, it changes color as oil is absorbed. The Māori took this to symbolize that the spirit of the person was inhabiting the pendant. When someone gives a pendant to someone else, it is the custom that they wear it for a time so that part of their spirit is given as well. The Maori have a legend that this is the necklace absorbing some of the wearer`s essence. For this reason, these are highly prized as heirlooms and are passed down through generations in the same family.

Rope mat

Maine Float Rope Doormats

Float-rope is used by lobstermen to tether multiple traps together on the ocean floor. The problem with this rope is that it can entangle whales, which sometimes leads to their injury or death. Now, Maine lobstermen are required to replace float-rope with sink-rope. Finally, without an appropriate recycling outlet, hundreds of thousands of pounds of this turned-in float-rope could end up in Maine landfills.

The Maine Float-Rope Co. is promoting a history of helping. With government funds, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation purchases turned-in float-rope from Maine lobstermen. Then The Maine Float-Rope Company collects and recycles the rope and turns it into terrific, colorful and virtually indestructible doormats. Each mat is resistant to mold, mildew, salt water, and sun. They do not absorb water, nor harbor insects. Clean up is a snap, too. Just shake the mat out or hose it down - it's even quick-drying! It's a win-win – a safer habitat for whales, some financial relief for the lobstermen, and a cleaner environment. They also give a percent of the profits to organizations and projects that help protect the Northern Right Whale.

Earth Creations

Earth Creations Clothing

Earth Creations mission is to craft eco-friendly fashion using environmentally sound practices. All of their clothes are 100% organic cotton or hemp. These sustainable materials don't require pesticides, which can be harmful to water sources and toxic to the humans who apply it. Their products are dyed with 100% clay dyes. Conventionally produced dyes (and more frequently the by-products of producing these dyes) are toxic! They are all made in the USA and support the fair labor practices.

Pocket disc

Pocket Discs

These discs are not just frisbees. They have numerous abilities inside and outside, for cooking and sports, for cleaning and safety. We could go on for hours about their abundance of functions! But most important is the big picture. In Guatemala more than half of the total population is poor. These discs are hand woven by indigenous women in that region. A trade which is now more frequently seen in a factory or sweat shop. These women have been passing down this talent from mother to daughter for over 4,000 years. Each village is identifiable by it's own woven design and specific colors. Our mission is to support these Mayan women by providing them with safe work environments, consistent and fair income and protecting this ancient art.

The PHD Pocket Disc is made of 100% cotton. That means it is completely lead and plastic free which make them safe for people and pets of all ages. It also comes with minimal packaging which means less impact on our environment.

A Wild Soap bar

A Wild Soap Bar

Harsh synthetic chemicals can harm your skin, your health, and the environment!

A Wild Soap uses all natural fragrance oils. Many synthetic fragrances are toxic! And are the biggest leading factor of skin irritation and dryness. Those fake scents are also very harmful to our environment.

AWildSoap uses all natural Olive Oil as opposed to animal fats. Olive oil is scientifically proven to be a powerful anti-oxidant and a superior moisturizer.

These soaps are cold cooked which helps to preserve the natural ingredients in their finest state.

There is a controversial situation involving Triclosan which is an antibacterial agent that is being added to a whole list of personal care and beauty products. The EPA has classified it as a pesticide. The FDA has called it a drug. Many people believe it should be banned in synthetic soaps. It is a proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent and we believe it should only be used in medical products. The more we use it in our daily routine the more tolerant our bodies will be to it. Therefore ruining the purpose of this ingredient in aiding health issues.

Handmade Natural Soaps are specially formulated to deliver the VERY best in organic skin care while using only safe, truly natural ingredients.