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Team building with a natural twist

We offer fresh outdoor themed team building programs tailored to any budget, need, or time constraint. We deliver exciting, challenging, and thought provoking experiences that promote unity amongst team members.
We are located in the Timucuan Preserve encompassing 46,000 acres of natural preserve, just 15 minutes from down town Jacksonville and 10 minutes from Amelia Island. With endless waterways, sandy beaches, hiking and biking trails the Timucuan Preserve is perfectly suited to adventurous experiences. Our specialty is kayaking, yet our programs are designed to fit your team, so adventure activities could include bikes, trail hikes, stand up paddle boards, or an across land geo-cache scavenger hunt. Lets create the perfect experience for your team!
The natural environment is a perfect platform, helping to conceptualize the harmony and mutual aide that occurs in a thriving ecosystem. Mutually beneficial relationships that occur in the natural world model the synchronization it takes to have a thriving organization. Much like the corporate environment, the natural environment is interdepend- ent, each element relying on the productivity of the other to survive and thrive.
KA programs are designed to create a sense of interdependence, trust, and mutual respect amongst teammates. Our goal is for your team to practice rotating leadership, the ability to ask for help, and the willingness to leave one's ego at the starting line.


Get out of the office!

All to often team-building is done on Wednesday morning in conference room A. Natural environments provide opportunities for group bonding in a new ‘exotic’ environment. It is well known that stress causes a variety of emotional and physical difficulties as well as decreased job performance. Over one hundred studies show that stress reduction is a key benefit of wilderness recreation. Adding on a shared challenge increases social support and develops camaraderie. What makes this more than just a day away from the office, are the facilitators who closely monitor activities and offer assessment and feedback to your staff.


Events can be as simple as a guided ecotour on bike, kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). Or a challenge can be added for example:
    • In a two person kayak have one paddler blindfolded and have the other direct them where to go, on the second half of the trip they switch places. Great for improving communication skills and teamwork.
    • Raft building - armed with kayaks, paddles and rope two teams must build a raft of kayaks and then race them to a destination. Super fun way to work on communication skills and leadership.