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Guided Kayak Eco-tours


Guided kayak nature tours are a great way to learn about kayaking and the local environment. No experience is needed. All tours start with a short paddle instruction on land, midway through the tour you will take a break on a sandbar for a snack and swim (on most tours) in warm weather . Tours are planned to go with the current so you can work on those paddling skills and really take in the scenery. Along the way the naturalists describe the salt marsh eco-system, critters and local history. A 3 hour tour has about 2 hours of kayaking.

What to bring

Most important is something on your feet that can get wet, shorts or bathing suit in warm weather (wind breaker type jacket when it's cooler), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and water or gatorade to drink. It might be good to have a change of dry clothes for the ride home.

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Directions to where tours start

NOTE: Our tours leave from a few different locations. Please check directions so you arrive on time.

Tour descriptions

Amelia Island / Talbot Island State Park


Simpson Creek Talbot - Marsh Paddle - Simpson Creek

Simpson Creek is a tidal river that runs thru the middle of Talbot Island State Parks and is lined with spartina salt marsh teeming with heron, egret, ibis, osprey, and when we are lucky our resident Bottlenose dolphin or West Indian manatee will swim by. The estuary is the most productive ecosystem on the planet with 80% of the fin and shellfish we eat, spend at least part of their lives here. Watch out for those amazing jumping fish! Fee $65adults $55 children under 12 yr. (more info)


Kingsley PlantationTalbot - Kingsley Plantation Paddle

Kingsley Plantation is located on Fort George River which gave good access to the Plantation for sea faring vessels and river traders who would pick up Sea Island cotton, indigo, sugar cane and corn. On our adventure we will follow Ft. George river to Kingsley Plantation where we will relax on the lawn or walk around the grounds learning the history of the Kingsley family. Along the paddle we will stop at a rookery where we will see many resident and migratory birds. Osprey and bald eagles are frequently seen along with green and yellow crown night herons. Fee $65adults $55 children under 12 yr (more info)


BarHoppingTalbot - Bar Hopping

Explore sunken sand bars, as the tide goes out it exposes dozens of sandbars creating long winding sandy beaches perfect for pulling your kayak on and taking a break while we snack and swim. We paddle on calm water , although you can see the ocean we are protected by the sand bar that line the waterway. . Fee $65adults $55 children under 12 yrs. (more info)



Specialty Tours



Sunset kayak tours

Sunset Kayak Ecotour

Relax with friends at the end of the day. A calmness comes over the marsh at sunset as the golden colors of sunset are cast over the water and grasses. Fee $65 adults $55 children under 12 yr (more info)

Firefly kayak tours

Firefly Kayak Tour

This is the closest we come to magic. For 4 weeks in the Spring there is a special place where fireflies cover the forest floor in the park. On this tour we paddle as the sun sets and then go for a short, informative walk. As darkness falls the 'magic' begins.....

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Moonlight kayak ecotour

Moonlight Paddle

This tour starts before sunset to allow paddlers to get comfortable on the water.The sun shoots its last colorful rays of light across the sky and as darkness falls, the marsh hushes. Learn about the night life of the salt marsh. Egrets, herons and ibis return to their roosts, an owl can be heard in the distance and Black crowned night herons begin to get active. This is a 2-3 hour tour. Fee $65 adults $55 children under 12 yr

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Yoga kayak tours

Yoga Kayak Paddle

Experience this multi dimensional eco adventure by merging kayaking and yoga. We aim to enhance your awareness of the natural world around you through guided kayak eco tour and up lifting yoga class. Our yogic philosophy for the day will be on the natural connection between the rhythms of nature and our own. Fee $65pp (includes a healthy snack)

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