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The 'greening' of Kayak Amelia

From the very start we decided to run the business side of Kayak Amelia in an environmentally responsible manner. We are constantly searching for new ways we can 'green' our business practices. We were part of The Green Team Project's pilot program for businesses. They perform environmental assessments of small to medium sized businesses and based on their recommendations we were able to save money while being green! Some of the steps we've taken so far are :
  • using 100% recycled content, chlorine free office paper products
  • brochures printed on recycled paper printed with soy-based inks
  • recycling office paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum cans
  • shredding and composting the remaining paper (ask Jody about her worm composter!)
  • using compact flourescent bulbs
  • purchasing 100% recycled toilet paper & hand towels
  • switching from harsh chemical cleaners to more 'green' products
  • the new van is a turbo diesel (Ray is still searching for a bio-diesel source)

  • In our gift shop we also try to offer our visitors earth friendly products and educate them about why organic / alternatives are better. Some items we offer:
  • clothing made from organic cotton, hemp and bamboo (dyed with clay and kelp based inks)
  • DEET free insect repellent
  • stationary made from elephant dung
  • natural handmade soaps
  • jewelry made from discarded silverware
  • all products are certified Fair Trade and US made whenever possible
  • visitors take merchandise home in biodegradable bags